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March 2016
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Site Update, RMSS vs RMFRP

I’ve now gone through and updated all the links in the RMSS vs RMFRP pages, and added in some formatting that seemed to have gotten lost somewhere along the way.
Also added in Terry Amthor’s novel “The Loremaster Legacy” and some of the ERA Software packages to the list of products. Still need to add in additional ERA packages

I also deleted most of the old php files for individual products. Some of them had been updated with redirects at one point, but those no longer match the new database structure so I got rid of them. Hopefully I found all the links in my pages that used to use them, some of the really old posts probably point to them but I’m not too concerned about them. I’ll keep an eye on my stats for 404 errors for the next while and fix up anything I may have missed. The Translations are still using those pages, I still need to get them done up properly into the database.

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