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Rolemaster Mythic Greece 1020
Mythic Greece Cover
Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RM2
Product Name: Mythic Greece
Product Type: Genre Book
Author: ICE
Stock #: 1020
ISBN: 1-55806-002-2
Publisher: ICE
Cover Price: $16.00
Page Count: 160
Format: Softcover
Release Date: 1988
Language: English

Cover/Jacket Text:

In the Age of Heroes legends walked the' earth; legends like Hercules, slayer of the Hydra and the Nemean Lion; Theseus, the King of Athens who defeated the Minataur; Jason and his Argonauts; and Medea, the sorceress whose very name means cunning.
Their time is long past, but monsters still walk the earth, new lands lay unexplored, and the gods still intervene in the affairs of mortals. It is time for new heroes to make their mark. It's time for YOU to enter MYTHIC GREECE, the Age of Heroes!
Here is a role-playing campaign set in
MYTHIC GREECE. Your heroes will be the mightiest champions of legend, facing the ultimate challenges.
• ROLEMASTER/MERP statistics
• FANTASY HERO statistics for all elements of role-playing in the Age of Heroes
• Character Creation rules that allow you to play extra-powerful Greater Hero and Demigod characters, for use with this and other campaigns
• Detailed Campaign Settings covering all of MYTHIC GREECE
• Dozens of new Monsters and Treasures
• Specialized Magic Rules, including Special Powers for player-characters
• Game-master Guidelines for the use of gods and epic quests in the Age of Heroes or any other campaign
You don't have to be an expert on classical mythology to play: MYTHIC GREECE gives you everything you need to adventure into Greek legend. Ready your armor and your war-galley, and prepare to enter the Age of Heroes!