Vikings Cover
Product Line: Rolemaster
Product Edition: RM2
Product Name: Vikings
Product Type: Genre Book
Author: L. Gold
Stock #: 1030
ISBN: 1-55806-047-2
Publisher: ICE
Cover Price: $13.00
Page Count: 112
Format: Softcover
Release Date: 1989
Language: English

Cover/Jacket Text:

Sail the "whale's track," as Vikings called the ocean, in search of Frodi's flour—gold! Raid coastal towns from England to North Africa, and seek adventure by land and sea! Blood feuds await you in your native land when you return. Count booty and trade for silk and fine weapons! Berserks and trollwise wizards, runaway Thralls and banished warriors—all these characters, plus the kings and gods of Norse legend come alive in VIKINGS!
A role playing campaign set in the Europe and North Africa of 768-1066 A.D., VIKINGS pits adventurers against sea serpents and land dragons, warriors and shamans, Frost Giants and jealous gods!
Inside VIKINGS you'll find:
• Complete Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero FRP gaming statistics, including, tables and charts.
• Statistics for NPCs, including Vikings warriors, Shamans, Berserks, Wizards and Leechs (healers).
• Detailed campaign background information on the world of the Norsemen and their formidable foes!
• Gamemaster guidelines to run quests set in the age and lands of the Vikings, or in another campaign setting (such as Shadow World);
• 3 detailed adventures set in historical perspective, including a pirate adventure on the high seas.
You don't have to be a historian to play VIKINGS—this book includes everything you need to sail, plunder, and fight in the spirit of the Norsemen!