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December 2018
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More updated Thumbnails

The Thumbnail images for all the version of MERP, Rolemaster, Harp and Shadow world have now been updated. Also added Cover Price and Page count columns to the Product List pages.

Product Lists now sortable by Column Heading

Finally added an enhancement that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile now. You can now click on some of the column headings in the product lists to resort them by that column.

The default sort order has always been by release date, but I’ve often thought that ordering the list by Stock […]

Updates to Product Lists

Started some long overdue updates to the Product list. Added most of the new products from the last two years, but haven’t added in cover images or individual pages yet. Also updated the “owned” flags for some of the items that I recently received. Also need to double check my emails and the comments for […]

Cloudlords of Tanara – NPC stats for RMSS/RMFRP

I’ve updated the Shadow World Characters page to include links to the spreadsheets for the NPC’s from the CloudLords of Tanara module. This spreadsheets convert the stats for the NPCS from Rolemaster Second Edition (RM2) to Rolemaster Standard System (RMSS) or Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying (RMFRP)

RMX/RMC Master Skill Cost List

Created a new page under Articles and Indexes which contains a list of the skill costs for all of the Professions in Rolemaster Express / Rolemaster Classic

Big News from The Guild Companion

Rolemaster Companion I is back.

Digitally remastered and with updates for Rolemaster Classic, Rolemaster Companion I is a must for all Rolemaster (2nd Edition and Classic) fans.

With 118 individual spells (from 1st to 75th level), 31 spell lists, Arcane Magic, additional races, legendary monsters including the devastating Black Reaver, intelligent artifacts, rules for […]

Updated Character Set

Ran a conversion to change the default Character Set for WordPress and the other Databases on the site to be utf8. This should now properly display some of the special characters in the names of the products, particularly the Translated products. Hopefully the conversion hasn’t done anything odd to any of the other items on […]

MERP Printing & Edition Reference

Guy Fullerton has put together an excellent page which describes the differences between various printings of many of the MERP products produced over the years. Definitely worth checking out for you Middle Earth Roleplaying Game collectors.

New Products added

Added the latest batch of new products from ICE. Some PDFs and Cloth Bound versions of books for Rolemaster Classic and HARP and the new Rolemaster Classic Combat Companion in various formats. All available from the ICE Store

StormRiders – A Shadow World Novel

Updated the information on the StormRiders page:

Added an updated larger cover image and added some additional notes on the differences between the two versions of the novel, including a short excerpt from Chapter 1 in each version.