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January 2019
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Added newly released pdfs to Product List

ICE recently released some of their older products as pdfs, this includes items for Rolemaster Editon 2 (RM2), Spacemaster Edition 1 and 2 (SM1, SM2) and ShadowWorld (SW). I’ve added these pdfs to the appropriate lists.

Note, ICE did not have the original files for these, so these items are all scanned products.

You can […]

Updated Product List

Corrected a problem in the Database where the cover images had been incorrectly sorted which caused some of the lists to display the incorrect images for the products.

The Echoes of Heaven Products added

I have now added The Echoes of Heaven Products from Final Redoubt Press to the ICE Product lists.

Spacemaster Product List

Fixed up several of the links on the SM1 and SM2 Product lists, several items were pointing to the wrong pages.

Recent Changes

The change over to the new server seems to be going well, worked out the glitches with the original transfer of the files and the database, still seems to be about a 50/50 crap shoot as to which version of the pages come up whenever I open a browser, but hopefully everything will be pointing […]

ICE Products – Database Version

I have switched the links on the side menu bar to use the new Database driven version of the ICE Product list. This will be the only version that I will be keeping updated. I’m keeping the older versions of the lists around for awhile just so I can make sure that I haven’t missed […]

Updates to Database version of the ICE Product List

Added a whole bunch of information to the Database version of the ICE Product list, in fact it is probably more up to date than the regular lists. Started using thumbnails that are 100 wide instead of 80, it will take a long time to update them all so they will be mixed for awhile. […]

Database version of the ICE Product List

It’s still very primative and the data needs cleaning up and verifying, but the first version of the Database version of the ICE Product List can be tested at

Rolemaster Classic

It’s time to add some information to the Product List for Rolemaster Classic. Should also update my “What is Rolemaster” article to include a section on it. The choices are to add the items to the existing RM2 lists or to create a new RMC section. I’m leaning towards creating a new section, but if […]

RMC Spell Law beta now available

From the April 12th ICE Newsletter:

Spell Law:

I am very happy to announce that the Spell Law pdf is up and ready for sale at $21.Now, this is just a Beta version, and is missing a couple of things, but the final version will be done within a week or so. However, you do […]