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HARP Sci Fi Beta now Available

ICE is pre-releasing its HARP Sci-Fi rules as a beta release. The final version will be available later in 2007. Those wanting to get it early can get the discounted beta version now, and will receive the full final version for free when it releases.

Quoted from the March 9, 2007 Newsletter:


Essence Companion Returns!

The Magic Has Returned!

Originally published in 1997 by ICE, this new edition of Essence Companion has been digitally remastered by The Guild Companion.

From forgotten tomes of magic to the schools of wizards, now comes forth a deeper exploration of the realm of Essence.

The Essence Companion delves deeply into the magical realm of […]

ICE Releases Rolemaster Classic


Survey for added feature on Pages

With the addition of WordPress to this site, one of the things that I can do is set up the Pages that have the information for individual ICE products so people can add comments. Comments could range from a review or opinion on the product, a question about the product, perhaps some errata or pointing […]

Site Updates

Updated the pages with the lists of ICE Products so they will display properly and have working links when accessed through the WordPress structure. Also started fixing up the Links page (Featured Sites), but still need lots of work on that particular page. I’ve have several sites I still want to add, some of the […]

RM2 and Rolemaster Classic Announcement

Here’s a copy of an announcement Tim (Rasyr) posted on the ICE Forums including some information about a project I’ve been helping out with, Rolemaster Classic.

Apparently, this latest newsletter from Bruce may have been mangled by anti-spam progams for some reason. Therefore, I am reposting it here.

Quote Hi Folks,

There was […]

Space Master 2nd Edition PDF’s

For those of you that are fans of Spacemaster 2nd Edition, ICE has recently released PDF versions of some of the material for that version of the game, including the Core rules, Star Strike, the three Vessel Compendiums, Armored Assault, and the Armor Reserves Vehicle Compendium. They can be purchased at:;jsessionid=U3jdLsPeQQgbXG3k?category=23191

Japanese MERP

Came across something new on EBay today, a Japanese version of Iron Crown Enterprise’s Middle Earth Adventure Guidebook for the Middle Earth Role Playing system

The starting price is already out of the range of what I’m willing to pay, but if anyone is interested, it can be found here:


Product list ToDo list

Items that I know still need adding are the Spacemaster DataNet pdfs (1 and 2), Cyradon Gazette pdf, Rolemaster Quarterly Pdf and the new RMFRP Combat Screen.

Also, need to do something with the Guild Companion PDF rerelease of Castles and Ruins, and their HARP Friends and Rivals PDF

RM2 Product List Update

Aded the 2nd Edition Rolemaster Combat Screen to the RM2 Product List page and created an individual page for it. If anyone can verify the publication year as 1989, I would be grateful.