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October 2018
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Updated HARP Product List

I have finally updated the Product list for HARP to include the PDF only releases, some of the more recent print releases, plus created individual pages for all the new items as well as going back to some of the older individual pages and filling in some information that was missing on them.

HARP Gamemaster Screens

The PDF version of the new HARP Gamemaster Screens are now available at

Description: Everything you need to play HARP at your fingertips! Spend more time playing and less time looking for tables. This 20-page booklet (plus a 4-page full-color cover that’s backed with 4 pages of crucial critical tables and other charts) contains:


Spacemaster Future Law Errata

From the ICE Forums, and apparently missing from any of the official errata pages

During todays game I was looking at the races in Future Law (PDF version) and noticed something odd. The Stats and background mods are remarkably similar to those of the Dragoon. Is this meant to be this way? I find […]

Stranded In Space – Chapter 1

Stranded in Space is the On-Line game I am running in the forums at the Resource Masters site as a Playtest for the upcoming HARP Sci Fi game, so if you want a bit of a sneek peek at what can be done with HARP Sci Fi, drop by and take a peek.

Here’s […]

Featured Site: Nomikos Library

Todays featured site is the Nomikos Library, an excellent resource for anyone that plays in the Shadow World setting

To use the library you must register at the site and be logged in and in order to register you must show proof of ownership of one of the 4 editions of the Shadow World Master […]

New Rolemaster Screens Now Available

ICE has recently released the first in a planned series of Gamemaster Screens for their products. This is the Rolemaster Screens and they are available at: The ICE Store