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December 2018
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Spacemaster Product List

Fixed up several of the links on the SM1 and SM2 Product lists, several items were pointing to the wrong pages.


Converted three of the reviews over to WordPress pages, made a couple of small updates to them as well.


Finished converting the RMSS vs RMFRP php pages to WordPress pages. Currently the WordPress pages are accessible from the Sidebar menu, the links in the pages in the main panel still go to the original php pages for now.

Recent Changes

The change over to the new server seems to be going well, worked out the glitches with the original transfer of the files and the database, still seems to be about a 50/50 crap shoot as to which version of the pages come up whenever I open a browser, but hopefully everything will be pointing […]


Finally added Banners to the site, using the AdRotator plugin, so, if you have a site related to ICE games and have a banner available, let me know and I’ll get it in the rotation.

Display tweaks

Did some tweaking of the pages to hopefully improve the way some of them display, particularly the individual product pages. Have also been doing some work on the Database version of the Product List, should be putting up a test version soon, still need to validate the data that I’m going to be using and […]

Updated Thumbnail images

Renamed and moved a bunch of the thumbnail images for the ICE Product Lists in preparation for creation of the Database. Hopefully it didn’t break anything.

Site Update

Updated to the newest version of WordPress. Overall it went okay, had a couple issues with one of the plugins that I updated, but turned out I had included an extra directory when I uploaded it, which seemed to confuse things. Once I fixed that, things seemed to be okay. If you notice anything that […]

Site Update

Updated to the newest version of WordPress. Overall it went okay except I also updated the plugins and the one that allows me to do “includes” to other php pages seems to be malfunctioning. Need to do some testing to see if it can be repaired, in the mean time, several pages will not be […]

Site Updates

Finished converting all the first level internal links to WordPress pages, which gets rid of the “Unconverted” section of the sidebar menu. Also fixed up the Footnotes, updated the copyright date and fixed up the copyright and registered trademark symbols.