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December 2018
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Site Updates

I’ve converted over a couple more pages to WordPress, the News page (for 2005 and earlier), the MERP Webring page and I also got rid of a couple of redundant links from the unconverted links section, the ICE Products link and the Joining the ICE Webring link.

Site Updates and To Do List

Fixed up the links to the cover images on several pages, a few Shadow World pages and about half of the Spacemaster 1st and 2nd edition pages. These got broken when the pages were converted to php extensions, and they are pages where the cover images are not in the standard directories. These are usually […]

Site Updates – MERP Collection

Thanks to a nice trade with Turambar from over at the ICE Forums, I’ve been able to update the MERP Product pages to show my new acquisitions. It really is amazing how many products ICE pumped out for MERP between 1984 and 1997. Doing the updates also made me realize that I haven’t included the […]

Brent’s Basement moved

If anyone has been trying to get to my Brent’ Basement ( site recently, you’ve probably just gotten an error message. Some lovely soul posted a direct link to one of my humor pages (The “I look like my Dog” page) and managed to blow out the rather limited bandwidth that I have there. So, […]

Site Updates

Updated the pages with the lists of ICE Products so they will display properly and have working links when accessed through the WordPress structure. Also started fixing up the Links page (Featured Sites), but still need lots of work on that particular page. I’ve have several sites I still want to add, some of the […]

Reverted back to previous theme

Reverted back to using the Journalized theme as the Sidebar menu doesn’t show up in Explorer in the new theme, although it works fine in Mozilla and Firefox.

New Theme for the site

I’ve created a new theme for the site, which I admit looks an awful lot like the old Journalized theme, but I’ve simplified some sections to make it easier to work with, especially when I am integrating the big list of pages that exist outside the WordPress structure. It also allows me to more easily […]

New Feedback and Comments page

Added a new page to the side bar where you can go to add general feedback, comments and suggestions for the site

RM2 Product List Update

Aded the 2nd Edition Rolemaster Combat Screen to the RM2 Product List page and created an individual page for it. If anyone can verify the publication year as 1989, I would be grateful.

Updated HARP Product List

I have finally updated the Product list for HARP to include the PDF only releases, some of the more recent print releases, plus created individual pages for all the new items as well as going back to some of the older individual pages and filling in some information that was missing on them.