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January 2019
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Updated Links for Shadow World Characters

I have updated the links to the spreadsheets on the Shadow World Characters page. They had become broken when the page was embedded in WordPress. Also made an update to the site so that any incoming links to the old .shtml pages will get redirected to the new .php pages.

I’ve also been experimenting with […]

Site Updates

Updated the Articles and Indexes page. Most of the links had broken when it was moved to be a WordPress page. Those should now be fixed. Also uploaded fresh copies of the Attack Table Index and the Critical Table Index pdf’s as the copies on the server had gotten corrupted at some point. Also fixed […]

Site Updates

Uploaded an updated spreadsheet for ShadowWorld Characters Also moved several pages from being static pages to being WordPress pages, which will allow comments to be entered on them. Links to the original pages will still pull up the original pages, but following the menus will pull up the new pages.

Site Updates

Added my standard footer text to the WordPress pages, but it seemed to cause some odd screen display problems so I’ve pulled it out again Added the Header and Menu text to the “Joining the ICE Webring” page (and renamed the link). A handy trick I picked up somewhere, to get a link to show […]

Welcome to the ICE Roleplaying WebRing

What is this Site?

This site contains the information needed to join the ICE Roleplaying WebRing and the MERP Webring as well as additional Information and Resources for Rolemaster, Spacemaster, HARP, Silent Death and other games from Iron Crown Enterprises. What is the Webring?

This webring is devoted to sites containing information on or […]