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Just an area for you to enter any feedback or general questions, comments or suggestions that you might have about the site.

11 comments to Feedback

  • simon

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work on this website. a better site for ICE i could not imagine. very helpful in finding the holes in my collection and assisting in filling them. cannot say thank you enough for your efforts, most appreciated.

  • Daniel T

    Rolemaster 3-in-1 ISBN is 1-55806-251-3. I found the information on Amazon but unfortunately no copies available 🙁

  • Zachary


    Keep up the good work on this site. It remains the best Rolemaster resource out there.

  • Thanks! I’m glad to hear that the site is proving useful and enjoyable 🙂

  • Mark B

    As a long time collector of ICE products, I was very pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across this website recently via a Google search. This is a beautiful website and a very well-made database, an absolutely essential reference for the collector. Well done, and thanks for doing the hard work and sharing it on the web!

  • Thanks, I’ll get that fixed up tonight

  • Mary

    Rolemaster Companion ll seems to reference Rolemaster Companion.

  • Good to know. I’ll have to add a section to the pages where I can track notes like this on the differences between various printings of the books. I’ve got some info on some of the more major varients but not on most of the minor ones.

  • ShaneG

    Have this: RM2 1300 Character_Law but is 5th edition, 1987 and doesn’t have the stock # line at the top right.

  • Fredrik Derefeldt


    I have found 2 titles for the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game by I.C.E. that were never released.

    Before the Goblins
    Greatest of the Forests

    These titles are named on the page 3 in the first book in the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (The Adventure Goes On!)

    Kind regards


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