Welcome to the Homepage for the ICE Roleplaying WebRing.

This site contains the information needed to join the ICE Roleplaying WebRing as well as lots of additional Information and Resources for Rolemaster, Spacemaster, HARP, Silent Death and other games from Iron Crown Enterprises.

What is this Ring?
This webring is devoted to sites containing information on or usable with the Roleplaying Games owned and produced by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) particularly Rolemaster, Spacemaster and HARP (High Adventure Role Playing), ICE's newest game.

Who Can Join?
Sites that meet the following criteria are welcome to join:

What Needs to be Done to Maintain Active Membership?
Members of this ring agree to the following guidelines:

How Do I Join?
The steps to joining this ring are as follows:

  1. Have a Webring ID
  2. Be logged into that ID.
  3. Submit Your Site for Review (be sure to check the URL for errors before submitting)

My preference is that you install the navigation bar on the same page that you submit as the URL for your site. Some sites prefer to have the navigation bar on a seperate Links or WebRings page. This is acceptable if there is a fairly obvious link from the main page. It should at most be two clicks away from the page you have submitted as your URL, one click to take me from a Splash page to your Main Page, and a second click to take me from the Main Page to the Links/WebRing page with the Navigation Bar. I reserve the right to adjust the URL that is submitted to point to the pagethat has the actual Navigation Bar.

I also reserve the right to adjust the descriptions of the Sites in the WebRing.

What Next?
Watch your email. The WebRing System will send you a letter, this letter will contain additional instructions for placing the code on your site and other helpful information.

Where Can I Get More Help?
The WebRing Users Guide is recommended reading and an invaluable resource, especially for new members/managers who aren't familiar with the WebRing system yet.
You can also contact me directly if you have any questions or run into problems, please feel free to send me (Brent Knorr) an email.

Are There Other Rings I Can Join?
Any Web Site that qualifies for this WebRing automatically qualifies for the Rolemaster/MERP Webring. There are also many WebRings devoted to Role Playing Games in general that you may want to investigate.

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