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July 2018
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Links to ICE Webring and MERP Webring sites

I’ve gone through all the sites that currently belong to the ICE Webring and to the MERP Webring and have created links here to all of the ones that still have any sort of relevant content.

At the peak of the Webrings I had over 150 sites between the two rings, now I’m down to about 25. Many were lost when GeoCities shut down and many others have slowly disappeared over the years with very few new additions. Many of the remaining 25 sites haven’t been updated in years and I suspect many of them will disappear completely over the next couple of years.

This is the first step in decommissioning those rings. I’ve felt for awhile that the Webring technology doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore, with Google and other search engines being so good these days.

Adding to this the increased amount of advertising on the Webring site itself, with poorer support and navigation, I feel it is time to move on.

This site will remain much as it was, the “How to Join” pages for the Ice Webring and MERP Webring will get converted to a list of links with an option to add additional sites and I will continue to update and clean up the existing content and perhaps even get ambitious enough to add some new content.

Guild Adventurer #4 now available

Guild Adventurer #4 is now available from the Guild Companion at RPGNow.

Guild Adventurer #4 Cover

The fourth issue of The Guild Adventurer has arrived! The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World and HARP. In this, the fourth issue, we have five adventures:

Who Saves the Savior – a high-level scenario by Robert Defendi for the Echoes of Heaven setting, statted for Rolemaster and HARP.

Unusual Heroes – this low-level scenario by Dennis Larsen pits ordinary folk who might aspire to become adventurers against the braggadacio of experienced sellswords; it is statted for Rolemaster and HARP

Muck and Mire – this standalone scenario by Marc Rosen statted for HARP and Rolemaster will give your PCs an opportunity to get their hands dirty and their feet wet;

Keep of the Damned – this standalone scenario by Ward Miller will satisfy the needs of your HARP and Rolemaster players for a dungeon crawl and general smiting of the Undead.

Eyes of Stone – Terry Amthor reveals some of the mysteries and magic of southeast Emer in this Rolemaster (Classic and RMSS/FRP) adventure for the Shadow World setting.

with original artwork by Craig John and Maria Duffield.

Amazon Affiliate Links – MERP 1st Edition

In addition to having links to purchase used products from Noble Knight, I’ve now created an Amazon Affiliate account for myself and have started adding purchase links to Amazon. I’m about halfway through the First Edition MERP products right now.

I also realized that I’m missing a bunch of French translation products, so I’ll have to track those down and get them added to the database as well.

Product Additions Complete

I think I’ve now added all the products that I had been missing, including the Fantasy Grounds packages for Rolemaster Classic.
Still need to do some work on the Related Products portion and add some links for purchasing used products on Amazon.
I think there are also a couple thumbnails and cover images that I’m still missing as well, but overall I’m pretty happy with the progress that has been made.

Adding missing products

Added in the newest version of “Cloudlords of Tanara”, added in the rest of the “Electronic Rolemaster Assistant” software.
Did some tweaking to the “Related Products”, allowing for multiple categories of relationships.
Still need to add in some missing “AutoHARP” software, and the “Rolemaster Combat Minion” software.
Then I’ll go through the recent entries on RPGNow and see if there is anything else I missed. Most likely to have missed versions of items that can now be ordered as physical books instead of just pdfs.

Site Update, RMSS vs RMFRP

I’ve now gone through and updated all the links in the RMSS vs RMFRP pages, and added in some formatting that seemed to have gotten lost somewhere along the way.
Also added in Terry Amthor’s novel “The Loremaster Legacy” and some of the ERA Software packages to the list of products. Still need to add in additional ERA packages

I also deleted most of the old php files for individual products. Some of them had been updated with redirects at one point, but those no longer match the new database structure so I got rid of them. Hopefully I found all the links in my pages that used to use them, some of the really old posts probably point to them but I’m not too concerned about them. I’ll keep an eye on my stats for 404 errors for the next while and fix up anything I may have missed. The Translations are still using those pages, I still need to get them done up properly into the database.

Database Upgrade Status

The behind the scenes database revamp is almost done, I still need to go back and clean up a few columns that aren’t needed anymore and check some of the linking and constraints between the tables. I also want to look at the select statements I’m using in the php pages, right now I use “Select *” quite frequently, in most cases I don’t need all the columns so it would be more efficient to just specify the ones being used.

I also need to go through and clean up the css files as well, I’ve got a few things being done “in-line” that really should be handled in a style sheet.

An unintended side effect is that the Product_id codes for most of the products ended up changing. That doesn’t affect this site particularly except for a few hard coded links, but any external sites that had hard coded links, including Pinterest, will find those links now going to different pages, or possibly getting a “Page not Found”. My apologies for that, it wasn’t my intention to mess up any external references.

I’ve now got the “Related Products”, “Related Websites” and “Purchase Links” functionality working, all of which can now handle multiple entries.

My next tasks are to finish up some of the data entry forms and start filling in some of the data that’s missing. The Non-English pages are in bad need of some fixing, and I need to go through RPGNow and see which of the new products I haven’t added yet. There are a few oversize images that need to be trimmed down and a few missing images that I need to track down as well.

Printing and Edition Reference for MERP Middle-earth Role Playing

Now I’m doing something I thought I did ages ago, uploading all of the files for Guy Fullerton’s awesome “Printing and Edition Reference for MERP Middle-earth Role Playing” reference. He gave me the source files a year ago, I thought I had uploaded them and fixed the link on my site to look at them, but must have just done it on my test site. Likewise fixing/deleting a few other links such as to Terry’s Shadow World pages.
I realized I hadn’t posted them today when I started work on the new “related webpages” portion of the ICE Products pages.

Doing some checking on the newly posted files, I’ve realized that the links to my products have changed, not quite sure if it is just with the recent updates I’ve done or if it was from a previous revamp. In any case, I’ll have to update those in the Printing Edition Reference. I’ll add that to the task list 🙂

Product List Database Revamp

The first major stage of the revamp of the site is now done. I’ve completely revamped the underlying database for the site, normalizing most of the tables and creating some views to make working with the tables easier. This allowed for major improvements in how I have been handling Authors and the extra images that are attached to some of the individual product pages. It also allowed some clean up of Publishers and Book Types. It’s going to allow me to develop some additional features that I’ve wanted for awhile, such as a list of related products attached to the individual product pages, a list of links to websites with additional information on the individual products and a more flexible way to handle links to places to purchase products.

The visible changes are to the Product Lists, there is now just one entry for each product per edition per publisher. Individual formats such as Hardcover, Softcover, Pdf no longer have individual entries on the list, instead these are now listed in a small table on the individual product page. I think it’s just a cleaner way to handle the lists. It does mean I will need to go through all the lists and make sure I have the most appropriate thumbnail image being used but that’s a minor issue.

Currently the link to buy a product, when available, is in the little table listing the different formats. The plan is to consolidate those and move them to a separate list as many of the format variations link to the same page anyway.

The next step is also behind the scenes, I’m redeveloping the forms that I use to update the products to match the new database structure, and I need to do some clean up on a few items that didn’t convert well. I’ll also need to revamp the “Recent Releases” sidebar to use the new tables.

Updated Theme

I finally sorted out the issues I was having with the new F2 theme, boiled down to where I was placing the call to header.php. I also managed to fix the problem I was having with the individual product pages coming up as “Page not found” in the title, hopefully this will also help the products show up in Google better 🙂

Also added the new Second Edition of “Eidolon City in the Sky” to the Shadow World product list. Still missing a few other items that I need to go back and fill in.