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January 2019
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I started using awhile ago to track all my books.  I put in all my novels and have now started working on my gaming books.  I’ve discovered that the ICE books in general are a bit of a mess, so I’ve started working on getting them cleaned up.

I applied and got granted Librarian status which means I have the ability to go in and edit existing books and to add new books when required.

The first thing I’m doing is going through and finding as many of the existing Rolemaster and Spacemaster books as I can.  Then I’m putting in covers for any that are missing them.  After that I’ll go in and add any missing books, and finally I’ll do some editing on the Titles and series information to get things into a consistent format and fill in whatever missing information I can on the books.

HARP SF, HARP SF Xtreme and the Shadow World Player’s Guide available in print

HARP SF, HARP SF Xtreme and the Shadow World Player’s Guide are now all available in print in multiple formats

Click on the links to purchase them from RGPNow.

These are the first Print products for ICE RPGs to come out from Guild Companion Publications and I look forward to seeing what they look like once I order and receive my copies.

I believe the last print product that came out was the Cloth Bound reprints of the RMFRP products in August 2009. The last new item to come out in print was Rolemaster Classic Combat Companion in March 2008 if I’m not mistaken

New Banner and NavBar

I’ve now set up the new banner at the top of the page. Because of the height of the banner, it looked a little strange with such large blank bars on each side of the banner, so I set it up to be centered but to repeat parts of the banner to the side. Let me know what you think of this and if you think having the blank space would be better. Of course how it looks will depend on the width of your moniter and the resolution you are set to.

I also set up a WebRing NavBar using the new banner. It is quite abit larger than the old one, hopefully it doesn’t cause any problems. If need be, I could shrink it down a little more. Currently it is 75% of the size of the banner itself.

I also added in all the pdf’s that the Guild Companion has added to RPGNow over the last month and a half.
One product in particular may be of interest, and that is HARP SF XTreme, as it is a new release rather than a re-release of an older product. I’ll do up an individual post about it when it becomes available as a POD (Print On Demand) product.

New Banner Preview

Here is a sneak peak of the new banner that I’m going to switch to for the ICE RPG Webring in the near future.
It was designed by Raymond Gaustadnes, you can check out more of his work at

New Ice Webring Banner

Redirecting old pages

I’ve put in redirects for the First Edition MERP pages, which means that any sites that have a link to the old individual pages will be forwarded to the correct new page that is built from the database.
I’ve also done the Rolemaster First Edition, Rolemaster Second Edition, and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying pages.
Anyone that does have direct links to the old pages should update their links to point to the new pages as at some point in the future I will be completely removing those old pages.

Recent Releases Sidebar

Added a new section to the left hand side bar which shows the most recent releases, including a link to be able to purchase them from RPGNow. Also added a “Buy” link in the product lists for those items that can be purchased on RPGNow, which is currently the only place to buy new ICE products.

Spacemaster, Silent Death and Misc ICE Products Updated

The Spacemaster, Silent Death and Misc ICE Products have all been updated to use the database. In fact, the only items that haven’t been updated now are the Translations and the Never Released products. Both of those will require a little extra work to get done. I’m not even sure if I will do the Never Released Products or if I’ll just create a seperate page for those rather than having them in the list.

Guild Companion PDF Updates

I now have 48 of the 51 products that are currently available from the Guild Companion at entered into the database. Unfortunately I’m not sure which three I’m missing, I’ll have to compare my list to what is listed on RPGNow to see what I skipped.
Also updated some of the Spacemaster pages to be in the database.
I’m also considering adding a page or side column that shows the most recently added items.


I’ve now converted the rest of the HARP pages, the RMFRP pages and a few other stray items over to the database.
The pages that still need to be done are the Middle Earth/Tolkien Quest books, the Miscellaneous ICE Products, the Silent Death products, the Spacemaster books and the Translations.
There are also several products that still don’t have detail pages scattered amoung the various lists, mostly the smaller pdfs.

Guild Companion PDFs added

Added the recent Guild Companion Re-releases of some of the Rolemaster and Shadow World pdfs to the appropriate product pages.
Something new with these updates is that they were done using a Visual C# / ADO.NET program which I wrote using my recently aquired skills in those products. It makes doing edits and updates much easier, particularly for products that are just different versions of existing items.