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August 2018
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Redirecting old pages

I’ve put in redirects for the First Edition MERP pages, which means that any sites that have a link to the old individual pages will be forwarded to the correct new page that is built from the database.
I’ve also done the Rolemaster First Edition, Rolemaster Second Edition, and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying pages.
Anyone that does have direct links to the old pages should update their links to point to the new pages as at some point in the future I will be completely removing those old pages.

Recent Releases Sidebar

Added a new section to the left hand side bar which shows the most recent releases, including a link to be able to purchase them from RPGNow. Also added a “Buy” link in the product lists for those items that can be purchased on RPGNow, which is currently the only place to buy new ICE products.

Spacemaster, Silent Death and Misc ICE Products Updated

The Spacemaster, Silent Death and Misc ICE Products have all been updated to use the database. In fact, the only items that haven’t been updated now are the Translations and the Never Released products. Both of those will require a little extra work to get done. I’m not even sure if I will do the Never Released Products or if I’ll just create a seperate page for those rather than having them in the list.

Guild Companion PDF Updates

I now have 48 of the 51 products that are currently available from the Guild Companion at entered into the database. Unfortunately I’m not sure which three I’m missing, I’ll have to compare my list to what is listed on RPGNow to see what I skipped.
Also updated some of the Spacemaster pages to be in the database.
I’m also considering adding a page or side column that shows the most recently added items.


I’ve now converted the rest of the HARP pages, the RMFRP pages and a few other stray items over to the database.
The pages that still need to be done are the Middle Earth/Tolkien Quest books, the Miscellaneous ICE Products, the Silent Death products, the Spacemaster books and the Translations.
There are also several products that still don’t have detail pages scattered amoung the various lists, mostly the smaller pdfs.

Guild Companion PDFs added

Added the recent Guild Companion Re-releases of some of the Rolemaster and Shadow World pdfs to the appropriate product pages.
Something new with these updates is that they were done using a Visual C# / ADO.NET program which I wrote using my recently aquired skills in those products. It makes doing edits and updates much easier, particularly for products that are just different versions of existing items.

Shadow World Master Atlas (4th Edition) and Powers of Light and Darkness now available at RPGNow

Powers of Light and Darkness Cover
The Guild Companion has now released the Shadow World Master Atlas (4th Edition) and the Powers of Light and Darkness as PDFs on RPGNow.
The Powers of Light and Darkness has been updated to include the RMSS/RMFRP stats as well as the stats for RM2/RMC.
The RMSS/RMFRP stats were done as a project by me when the book was originally released and were previously only available in a seperate pdf file. It’s nice to see them get integrated into the book.


Updated the site to the latest version of WordPress, 3.1.1. Also when through the Links section and removed a couple of dead links and updated a couple other links.

Guild Companion ReReleasing Rolemaster PDFs

Oriental Companion CoverThe Guild Companion has been rereleasing many of the older RM2 Companions, such as “The World of VogMur“, “The Iron Wind“, “Oriental Companion“, “Creatures and Treasures II“, “Creatures and Treasures III“, “At Rapier’s Point“, “Time Riders“, “Heroes and Rogues“, “Cyberspace” and others. More titles are being added daily. These are scanned PDF’s and the prices range from $4.00 to $10.00 and can be found on RPGNOW

HARP SF Now Available


At long last, HARP SF has been released. It’s available in pdf format now and will be available in book form soon.
It can be purchased through RPGNOW

– the roleplaying game of the future has arrived

Whether your game focuses on events on a single inhabited world in the near future or is a galaxy-spanning epic set millennia hence in the far future, HARP SF is the right choice for you.

HARP SF retains all the simplicity and flexibility of the original HARP Fantasy game but expands its reach to a whole new universe of infinite possibilities.

This first volume of HARP SF includes:
· Character creation rules for human and alien characters
· 11 professions
· 6 alien species
· 9 cultures
· 80+ skills
· 100+ talents
· Futuristic equipment and technology
· Rules for sf adventuring on alien worlds and outer space
· Rules for personal combat
· 23 critical tables
· Psionics
· Gamemastering guidance
· An introduction to the new Tintamar setting