To Do List

This page contains various projects that I am currently working on, all in various stages of completion, and a list of projects that I am considering working on. Some of them are far enough along that they might be useful, others a just listed so that you can request that I work on them. The projects are listed basically in priority order, the one I’m working on the most at the top I can be emailed at

  Write article detailing differences between 2003 version of Arms Law and previous versions. Add notes to that effect to the history of Arms Law article, the RMSS vs RMFRP article and the individual product page.
  Create pages for Polish MERP products
Brett’s Page Reformat the Rolemaster Rulings pages and include new Rulings from the mailing list and forums. (Brett Nash has taken over this, Thanks Brett!)
TimeLine.htm Create consolidated timeline for old Spacemaster/Silent Death Universe
  Collect the various items relating to Underwater Combat and create a single article out of them.
RM2 Rolemaster Companion RMSS.doc
RM2 Rolemaster Companion RMSS.pdf
Article that examines the RM2 Companions and notes which material would still be usable in Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy RolePlaying. I’ve pretty much abandoned this project for now but may come back to it.

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