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May 2006

Always something more

It never fails to suprise me, I think my list of ICE RPG products is complete, then I come across something I was completely unaware of. In this case, it’s another version of the RM2 Combat screens, same product number as the one on my list but a different color. Just got it from an […]

ToDo List – HARP Products

Need to add in a page for the HARP PlaceHolder, and the Bazaar Annual as well as listing the individual Bazaars as pdf only products. Also need to put in the cover text for about half of the products. Also need to add the HARP products to the master spreadsheet of ICE Products (send updated […]

Site Updates

Updated the Articles and Indexes page. Most of the links had broken when it was moved to be a WordPress page. Those should now be fixed. Also uploaded fresh copies of the Attack Table Index and the Critical Table Index pdf’s as the copies on the server had gotten corrupted at some point. Also fixed […]

Featured Site: Nomikos Library

Todays featured site is the Nomikos Library, an excellent resource for anyone that plays in the Shadow World setting

To use the library you must register at the site and be logged in and in order to register you must show proof of ownership of one of the 4 editions of the Shadow World Master […]

Site Updates

Uploaded an updated spreadsheet for ShadowWorld Characters Also moved several pages from being static pages to being WordPress pages, which will allow comments to be entered on them. Links to the original pages will still pull up the original pages, but following the menus will pull up the new pages.

Possible site Outage Friday Night/ Saturday Morning

There is a possibility that the ICE WebRing will be down late Friday night / early Saturday Morning May 19th and 20th as my ISP will be doing some maintenance on the server at that time.

New Rolemaster Screens Now Available

ICE has recently released the first in a planned series of Gamemaster Screens for their products. This is the Rolemaster Screens and they are available at: The ICE Store

Headers and Menus

I’ve updated the Headers and Menus on the static pages so that it looks consistent (almost) with the Header and Menus on the WordPress pages, actually managed to get it to pull in the WordPress menu on the non-Wordpress pages, although the column width shrinks a little and the spacing between lines of text gets […]

Shadow World Character Sheets

I’ve gone back and started doing some more work with the Shadow World Character spreadsheet and have discovered a few glitches with it. Picking certain combinations of races and backgrounds seems to give the skills calculations indigestion. I think I’ve got the majority of the problems figured out, but I’m going to hold off on […]

Site Updates

Added my standard footer text to the WordPress pages, but it seemed to cause some odd screen display problems so I’ve pulled it out again Added the Header and Menu text to the “Joining the ICE Webring” page (and renamed the link). A handy trick I picked up somewhere, to get a link to show […]