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June 2006

Updated Links for Shadow World Characters

I have updated the links to the spreadsheets on the Shadow World Characters page. They had become broken when the page was embedded in WordPress. Also made an update to the site so that any incoming links to the old .shtml pages will get redirected to the new .php pages.

I’ve also been experimenting with […]

HARP Gamemaster Screens

The PDF version of the new HARP Gamemaster Screens are now available at

Description: Everything you need to play HARP at your fingertips! Spend more time playing and less time looking for tables. This 20-page booklet (plus a 4-page full-color cover that’s backed with 4 pages of crucial critical tables and other charts) contains:



Well, so far the count for actual real comments entered is 11, most of which I made, spam comments, 32. So, getting three spams for every real comment. Fortunately the filters catch 90% of those, and anything that gets past that still needs to get moderated by me. Almost makes me wonder if it’s worth […]

Spacemaster Future Law Errata

From the ICE Forums, and apparently missing from any of the official errata pages

During todays game I was looking at the races in Future Law (PDF version) and noticed something odd. The Stats and background mods are remarkably similar to those of the Dragoon. Is this meant to be this way? I find […]

Stranded In Space – Chapter 1

Stranded in Space is the On-Line game I am running in the forums at the Resource Masters site as a Playtest for the upcoming HARP Sci Fi game, so if you want a bit of a sneek peek at what can be done with HARP Sci Fi, drop by and take a peek.

Here’s […]