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June 2006

Stranded In Space – Chapter 1

Stranded in Space is the On-Line game I am running in the forums at the Resource Masters site as a Playtest for the upcoming HARP Sci Fi game, so if you want a bit of a sneek peek at what can be done with HARP Sci Fi, drop by and take a peek.

Here’s a summary of the first part of the adventure, the second part is just wrapping up in the most recent thread.

The Story So Far

The crew of the Jenny Allen, a small Scoutship, met at Far End Space Station in the lounge. While making final arrangements, the Baron got a strong feeling that they should be leaving quickly. Everyone made their way quickly to the ship and got on board and launched seconds before the space station locked down. The reason for the lock down was that a large group of Silth fighters were detected entering the system and heading towards the Space Station.
The Jenny Allen made her way to the exit Jump Point, engaging and destroying a Silth fighter along the way, allowing a Passenger Liner to escape the system. However, the Jenny Allen did not escape unscathed. The main airlock got damaged and rendered unusable, and the engines took a hit that caused a fire in the engine room, and then an explosion after the Jenny Allen entered hyperspace. The jump drive was damaged and the ship headed off towards parts unknown.
The fire in the engine room gets extinguished, with some minor injuries.
In reviewing the sensor information gathered during the battle, the crew discovered that the Space Station did take a missile hit right in the area of the lounge where they had initially met and that one or possibly two Silth fighters had showed up at the Jump point fairly close behind the Jenny Allen and my have attempted to follow her into hyperspace.

The Jenny Allen remains in hyperspace for nine days, during which time a lot of the damage is repaired and the engine room is cleaned up. The Jump Drive is not able to be repaired as most of the damage is on the outside of the ship. Likewise for the main airlock. Upon exiting hyperspace there is a bit of fancy flying to avoid the asteroid field that is near the entry point, then two habitable planets are detected and a large ship, 25 kilometers long, 6 kilometers wide and 4 kilometers tall is picked up orbiting the closet planet. The Jenny Allen is too badly damaged to attempt a planetary landing, but the ship has an open docking bay, so although attempts to hail it have no success, the crew decides to land on the mysterious ship. The docking bay doors are open because there is a large cargo container in the doorway off to one side that seems to be keeping the doors from closing.

The Jenny Allen is able to land without incident, the Baron detects that there is life aboard the large vessel but nothing specific or in the immediate vicinity, although a little later he does have mental contact with very disturbing presence.

Moments after the Jenny Allen lands, two smaller robots and two larger robots come out of a couple of airlocks near the back of the bay. The two larger robots simply stand by the airlock doors, one of the smaller robots walks over the Jenny Allen and does a visual inspection while the other one goes to a side area, climbs up to a catwalk and then into a control cab for a crane which he uses to move the cargo container out of the docking bay door area so the bay doors can now close and the cargo area can be repressurized.

The Medic and Zaras go on a scouting expedition, briefly communicating with the smaller robot that is inspecting the ship, then going through the airlock with one of the larger robots. Communication with them is lost shortly after they get onto some sort of subway car. The larger robot (or another similar one) comes back through the airlock and takes up it

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