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June 2006


Well, so far the count for actual real comments entered is 11, most of which I made, spam comments, 32. So, getting three spams for every real comment. Fortunately the filters catch 90% of those, and anything that gets past that still needs to get moderated by me. Almost makes me wonder if it’s worth it, but time will tell.

And don’t even get me started on Referral Spam, my web stats have become almost useless because of the amount of referral spam cluttering them up. I know there are steps that can be taken to reduce it, but I really don’t want to invest the amount of effort that seems to be required to prevent it. But, if anyone knows of a simple method to control it, please pass it on!

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  • Well, just checked the counts again, 14 real comments to 141 spam attempts. I think the catch ratio is about 99%, so the filtering is working well. however, not very many people are leaving real comments, so I’m not sure if it’s really worth converting the rest of the pages on the site, but, maybe if I do them, then I’ll get more feedback. We’ll see.

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