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July 2006

Vacation Time!

Well, it’s vacation time for me, have a couple of weeks off work and I’m only leaving town for part of one week, so it’s a chance to plan to get more done than I’ll actually have time for 🙂

There’s a couple of projects to work on, I’ve got a project for ICE that I spent a good part of today working on, need to do somw more work on that tomorrow too (don’t ask, I can’t tell), but I think the main focus tomorrow will be getting some things done on my HARP Sci Fi Playtest game over at RPGResources. I need to post a summary of the players involved, a summary of the story so far. I definitely need to work on creating the “Psychic Pack Rat” race so I can do up a character sheet for Gustav the rat.
Also need to start a couple new threads for the next part of the story, and come up with a basic map.

The other thing for that site will be to update my character Jordon in the Kraken World game to third level.

Some of my other vacation plans, Thursday will likely be spent at the Calgary Stampede, then take off to Fernie for an extended weekend, leaving Friday and coming back sometime Tuesday. While I’m out there I’d like to finish reading “Deadhouse Gates” by Steven Erikson, then start (and probably finish) reading “The Traveler” by John Twelve Hawks. The problem with “Deadhouse Gates” is that I read the first half of it about a month ago, and haven’t read much of it since, so I’ve sort of lost track of a few things, I might have to back up a couple chapters to refresh my memory. I enjoyed the first book in the series quite abit, and I’m enjoying this one too, but I think he writes the sort of novel that you really need to be able to devote the time to read them from start to finish without too many breaks.

When we are out in Fernie we’ll probably play a couple games of “Killer Bunnies” and hopefully try out the “Zombies” game too, as well as doing a few hikes and maybe some day trips to do some of the mine tours or something similiar. Might do a little work on some parts of my HARP Sci Fi campaign as well.

Once I’m back in town, it will be time for my annual tour of the local used book stores. I like spend a day at least once a year and hit as many of them as I can, looking for interesting novels and of course good finds for gaming items.

Some of the other things I want to get done are to get some of the extra copies of gaming items that I’ve accumulated over the years listed on ebay and see how the selling end of things goes for me. I’d also like to do a little more playing around with WordPress and experimenting with Php and MySQL to see what the best method of converting the product lists to be database driven might be. That will be a really long term project and I don’t really expect to get any real changes going right away. Right now I just need to learn more about using customized fields and Page templates in WordPress and compare doing things that way to doing it as a seperate Database. Since I don’t know alot about WordPress, PHP or MySQL, some reading and playing around will definitely be required.

I’d also like to work on doing up the Aquatic Elf as a race for HARP as a Guild Companion article, as well as doing somemore work on Dolphins as a character (or at leas NPC) race for HARP, complete with spell use and creating several spells unique to the underwater environment. Really part of a larger project for dealing with Underwater in HARP, and possibly Rolemaster as well. Again, something I don’t expect to work alot on on the vacation, but would like to get at least something done on it, even if it’s just collecting the various notes I have scattered all over into one area.

And, mixed in with all of that, there’s some yardwork that I’d like to get done and a garage that is sorely in need of some rearranging and cleaning out.

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  • An update on some of the items mentioned above. The vacation was great!
    I finished designing the Psychic Pack Rat race and it was published in the April Edition of the Guild Companion.
    Finished reading “Dead House Gates”, enjoyed but not as much as the first book, probably because of the breaks I took.
    Finished reading

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