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July 2006

Japanese MERP

Came across something new on EBay today, a Japanese version of Iron Crown Enterprise’s Middle Earth Adventure Guidebook for the Middle Earth Role Playing system

Cover of Japanese MERP Adventure Guidebook

The starting price is already out of the range of what I’m willing to pay, but if anyone is interested, it can be found here:

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  • thiha

    Yes, they were the original prices when those Japanese version were published.
    The current market prices (I mean online auctions such as Yahoo Auction in Japan) of them are around twice of the original prices, though they rarely apprear on the market.

  • Thanks! That is very helpful information. One question, what are the numbers that you included after the year? Is that the price in yen?

  • thiha

    The one I mentioned in the list previously as:

    #Middle-earth Role Playing
    1987 / ?4,800

    …is actually the translation of #8000 boxset, which is now on the Yahoo Auction.
    The Japanese title is “Yubiwa-monogatari Rooru-pureingu Staato Setto”, which means Lord of teh Ring Roleplaying Start(er’s) Set.

    BTW, the RM2 Spell Law’s Japanese title is “Superu Roo: Jumon Taiten”.

  • thiha


    In the same Yahoo Auction (Japan), you can also find the rest of the RM2 core rulebooks Japanese version, at the moment.

    Campagin Law & Character Law (Japanese title is “Kyampeen Roo & Kyarakutaa Roo: Yuusha Taiten”)

    Creatures & Treasures (Japanese title is “Kuriichaazu & Torejaazu: Seibutsu, Houmotsu Taiten” )

    Arms Law & Claw Law (Japanese title is “Aamuzu Roo & Kuroo Roo: Bujutsu Taiten”)

  • thiha

    Hi, I’m an ICE fan in Japan. I’ve found the Japanese version of box set #8000 (now out of print) has been on the Yahoo Auction (Japan) in
    recent days. If your’re interested in, why not have a look. The URL is:

    Another Japanese version of ICE product (out of print) is also now on the Yahoo Auction (Japan). It’s RM2 Spell Law:

    According to a Japanese website dedicated to tabletop RPGs, following ICE products were once translated and published in
    Japan from HobbyJapan Co., Ltd.

    #Middle-earth Role Playing
    1987 / ?4,800

    RM2 Spell Law
    1990 / ?3,800

    RM2 Arms Law & Claw Law
    1990 /?3,800

    RM2 Character Law & Campaign Law
    1991 / ?4,300

    Rivendell The House of Elrond(+Trolls of the Misty Mountains)
    1987 / ?3,800

    Bree and the Barrow Downs(+Thieves of Tharbad)
    1988 / ?3,800

    Gates of Mordor(+The Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelob’s Lair)
    1989 / ?3,800

    Riders of Rohan(+Campaign and Adventure Guidebook)
    1989?/ ?4,500

    Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook 2
    1991 /??2,800

    RM2 Creatures & Treasures
    1993 /??3,000

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