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August 2006

RM2 and Rolemaster Classic Announcement

Here’s a copy of an announcement Tim (Rasyr) posted on the ICE Forums including some information about a project I’ve been helping out with, Rolemaster Classic.

Apparently, this latest newsletter from Bruce may have been mangled by anti-spam progams for some reason. Therefore, I am reposting it here.

Hi Folks,

There was a complaint on the forums recently that we have made Spacemaster 2 PDFs available and have not made Rolemaster 2 PDFs available. So we are fixing that today. Just be aware that these are scans like the Spacemaster 2, Star Strike, and Armored Assault products put up recently and that the PDF text is not searchable. Here are the first 3 RM2 titles from the ICE Online Store “Oldies But Goodies” category (

1100P Arms Law & Claw Law $5:
1200P Spell Law $10:
1300P Character Law & Campaign Law $10:

We are releasing three main rules books today in PDF and ST# 1400P Creatures & Treasures will follow later. Very few additional RM2 products will follow directly from ICE as few of the additional books contain intellectual property that we entirely own. At the moment I do not expect to go back and purchase those rights, but we will be trying to work through The Guild Companion ( like we did with the recent Castles & Ruins release and the upcoming Essence Companion.

Before purchasing these PDFs, please be aware that we are in the process, and have been for some time, of redoing these RM2 books for full re-release. We initiated the project with the help of LordMiller and his mighty band of Rolemaster experts. Up until recently they have done the bulk of the work and we are extremely grateful to them for what they have done. It will be hard on them, but LordMiller and his crew will still have to remain mostly in the background a bit longer as it is still too early to talk about details of the new releases.

The new series will be called Rolemaster Classic and will consist of both PDF and physical books available on our website and through distribution. Prices and sizes have yet to be set in stone. The first four books in the series are Character/Campaign Law, Spell Law, Arms Law, and Creatures & Treasures. We are still not sure when the first release will hit but we are aiming to have the first book out in the Fall 2006.

We are planning mainly graphical and organizational changes with no material changes to the rules. We intend that someone using RMC will get the same gaming experience that the 1989 editions provided, but with much better presentation and organization. It will be much easier to use and to teach as a result.

We are not abandoning RMFRP and both Rolemaster lines will see increased support in the coming years particularly in the area of adventures and background releases that can be done for both versions. The RM2 fanbase is still one of the largest parts of the Rolemaster world and this project allows them to fully participate now.

We will be releasing more details in the weeks ahead.


Bruce at ICE

Additionally, ICE would like to take a moment, to to publicly and proudly thank LordMiller and his mighty band of Rolemaster experts which include the following folks:

Brent Knorr
Cormac Doyle

I would also like to take a moment to thank our Global Moderators (Nick Caldwell, lazvon, Midknight, ChosenDM) and Rob Defendi for helping the RMC team out with advice and comments and everything in general.

They are a great bunch and all deserve a tremendous round of thanks!!

Note: If I have forgotten anybody, my aopolgies.


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