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August 2006

Hey, that ship looks familiar….

I actually noticed this way back when this book first came out, it’s “Ghost Ship” by Diane Carey and was the first original story published for Star Trek The Next Generation. To be honest, I can’t even remember if the story was any good or not, but I’ve never forgotten one interesting aspect of the cover. Take a close look at the ship that is orbiting the planet. Turn the book upside down. Look a little familiar? “Hey Starbuck, why is the Galactica flying upside down?”
I also posted another photo in a comment attached to this post of my Galactica model taken from roughly the same angle as the book cover.

Cover of Ghost ShipGalactica on Cover of Ghost Ship

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  • I see Explorer is doing it’s usual stellar job at positioning the images. Looks fine in FireFox. I removed the third image from the post, this photo of my model of the Galactica taken from as close to the same angle as I could get:
    Galactica Model

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