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October 2006

Dolphin Spells

I’ve been doing some work on setting up a HARP campaign that would end up underwater. One of the things I want to do is develop Dolphins in more detail as a fantasy race that has spell use. I’m going to be creating some spells specific to the underwater environment, possibly specific to Dolphins. I […]

Star Wars for HARP Sci Fi

Star Wars has always been one of my favorite settings in which to run Roleplaying Games. With the playtesting I’ve been doing with the upcoming HARP Sci Fi game, I naturally started wondering what it would be like to try and run Star Wars under those rules. I figured that the major difference between Star […]

Site Updates and To Do List

Fixed up the links to the cover images on several pages, a few Shadow World pages and about half of the Spacemaster 1st and 2nd edition pages. These got broken when the pages were converted to php extensions, and they are pages where the cover images are not in the standard directories. These are usually […]

Site Updates – MERP Collection

Thanks to a nice trade with Turambar from over at the ICE Forums, I’ve been able to update the MERP Product pages to show my new acquisitions. It really is amazing how many products ICE pumped out for MERP between 1984 and 1997. Doing the updates also made me realize that I haven’t included the […]

Guild Companion: Guild Adventurer

An interesting project by the Guild Companion that is worth supporting if you are interested in getting some Adventures for your ICE games

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’re putting the adventures back into role-playing.

The Guild Companion proposes to publish The Guild Adventurer, a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow […]