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October 2006

Guild Companion: Guild Adventurer

An interesting project by the Guild Companion that is worth supporting if you are interested in getting some Adventures for your ICE games

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’re putting the adventures back into role-playing.

The Guild Companion proposes to publish The Guild Adventurer, a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World, Spacemaster, and HARP. We have commissioned and received four complete scenarios and two adventure-support articles. The Guild Adventurer is currently in layout phase.

In this premier issue, we have:
“The Temple of the Three”, a Shadow World adventure written by Terry Amthor himself, the creator of Kulthea, and dual-statted for RM2 and RMFRP.
“Web of the Kobolds”, an adventure by Tim Dugger, ICE System Editor and codesigner of HARP, and multi-statted for RM2, RMFRP, and HARP.
“The Vampire’s Barrow”, a HARP adventure by Nicholas HM Caldwell, author of Mentalism Companion, Construct Companion, College of Magics, and the upcoming HARP SF role-playing game.
“The Paranoia Game”, a Spacemaster:Privateers by Robert Defendi, author and designer of the entire Spacemaster:Privateers product line.
“People, Places and Paraphernalia: The Flying Toadstool Inn”, an adventure location for HARP by Allen Maher, contributor to the HARP character compilation, Friends & Rivals.
“People, Places and Paraphernalia: The Red Hooded Traveler’s Inn”, an adventure location for HARP by Aaron Smalley, author of City of Archendurn.

We had intended to use for this ransom; however, our ransom is below their minima for total and individual pledges.

So, instead, we are going to use an honor system.

If you want to see The Guild Adventurer, send me an email at
Give it the subject TGA One: Pledge

In the email, include:
your name or your online alias (whichever you prefer) [so we can name you as a Supporting Patron in the Credits]
a valid email address [so that we can send you a Patron coupon to purchase TGA#1 at a discount price]
and how many copies of TGA#1 you pledge to buy at the discount price of five (5) US dollars. [normally this will be one copy, but I know some people buy on behalf of friends]

We need 100 pledges for the ransom to succeed. We will run the ransom until 100 pledges are received or the 31st October (whichever happens first). Assuming the ransom succeeds TGA#1 will go on sale at RPGNow.

Remember, by pledging you are helping to ensure that there will be new published adventures for Rolemaster, Spacemaster, and HARP, you will be credited as a Patron, and you will save two dollars on the normal retail price of The Guild Adventurer.

Please use this thread for any queries you may have about The Guild Adventurer or the ransom process. I will set up a separate thread as a running total of pledges received.

Best wishes,
Nicholas HM Caldwell

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