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October 2006

Site Updates – MERP Collection

Thanks to a nice trade with Turambar from over at the ICE Forums, I’ve been able to update the MERP Product pages to show my new acquisitions. It really is amazing how many products ICE pumped out for MERP between 1984 and 1997. Doing the updates also made me realize that I haven’t included the Publication year column on the MERP 2nd Edition page. Another item for my ToDo List.

So, for no particular reason, here is the list of MERP items I’m still looking for, although I’m not looking too hard at the moment and am not willing to drop alot of cash on them.

8000 Middle Earth Role Playing (UK)
8001 Middle Earth Role Playing Combat Screen
8011 Mouths of the Entwash
8012 Warlords of the Desert
8013 Dark Mage of Rhudaur
8015 Forest of Tears
8080 Rivendell The House of Elrond
8090 Brigands of Mirkwood
8100 Middle Earth Roleplaying 1986 Edition Box (UK)
8101 Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings
8103 Trolls of the Misty Mountains
8105 Gates of Mordor
8107 Woses of the Black Wood
8109 Ghosts of the Southern Anduin
8112 Hazards of the Harad Wood
8202 Teeth of Mordor
8205 Nazgul’s Citadel
3110 Mount Gundabad
3111 Greater Harad
3112 Gorgoroth
3113 The Grey Mountains
3300 Havens of Gondor, Land of Belfalas
3400 Sea-Lords of Gondor, Pelargir & Lebenin
3600 Dunland & the Southern Misty Mountains
3800 Far Harad, the Scorched Land
3900 Shadow in the South
4001 Northwestern Middle Earth Map Set
4010 Mirkwood The Wilds of Rhovanion
4011 Empire of the Witch-King
Rescue in Mirkwood
2002 Middle Earth Accessory Pack ( box )
2003 Middle Earth Campaign Guide
2005 Arnor
2007 Minas Tirith Softcover
2008 MERP Poster Maps
2013 Elves
2014 Dol Guldur
2017 The Shire
2018 Angmar
2019 Mirkwood
2020 Southern Gondor : The People
2021 Southern Gondor : The Land
2022 Arnor : The People
2023 Arnor : The Land
2024 The Lord of the Rings Poster Map
2025 Northern Waste

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