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November 2006


My wife and I throw a Halloween party every year, and one of the things she likes to do is to come up with some “seasonal” snacks.
One of the items that she has acquired in previous years is this mold of a life size brain:

Brain Mold

The new thing she picked up this year is a Zombie candy dish, a lovely green fellow that appears to have had the top part of his head removed and his brains removed to make room for storage space for candy. He is sound and motion activated, when ever anyone comes near, his eyes flick open and light up and he makes a smart ass comment.

Zombie Head Bowl

You can probably see where this is going… She’s also got a recipe for a really good shrimp dip that just happens to turn out in a nice pinkish color. So… fill up the bowl portion of Zombie dude with dip, fill in part of the Brain Mold with dip, flip the Brain Mold over on top of Zombie dude and you get:

Zombie head with Brains

For some reason, nobody wanted to be the first to dip their cracker in…
Here is another shot that includes some of the other items on the snack table

Snack Table

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