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December 2006

New Years Resolutions

It’s almost the New Year so I thought I’d post some of my goals for the ICEWEBRING site and gaming in general.

The switch to WordPress hasn’t been as useful as I had hoped. It seems to have slowed the access to pages down significantly and there have been very few comments posted by people. However, the advantage of being able to catagorize the entries I’ve made and the potential for being able to move to a more database driven design for the ICE Product lists means that I think I will stick with this format.

I don’t have big plans for the site for this year, I need to clarify some of the entries for some of the earlier products, particularly those that I am discovering had multiple versions released. There are also several areas where the cover images could be improved, I still have small images and now have aquired copies of the products so could easily scan in larger images.

I also want to get all the major pages moved to be WordPress pages and get rid of the “unconverted” portion of the left hand menu.
There’s also some tweaking of the style sheets needed to get some things cleaned up. That’s about it for planned site changes. I’ll probably still work on entering the individual products into a database behind the scenes, but I don’t expect to add any access to that from the site this year.

My main focus this year will be on doing up some additional articles for publication, first up is an Adventure that will hopefully appear in the 2nd edition of the Guild Adventurer. A big part of getting that done is learning how to use Campaign Cartographer 3 / Dungeon Designer 3 for doing maps. It’s coming along well so far, but I’ve only done two basic buildings. The challenging part will be doing up the plans for the two ships in the adventure.

I’m also hopeful that ICE will get HARP Sci Fi published this year and I can work on doing some articles related to that. I have a couple of creatures and races ready to go from my playtest group, and I am hoping to do an adaption for running Star Wars with HARP Sci Fi.

I’m also planning on doing several more Underwater Articles for HARP for the Guild Companion, including Underwater Spells and an article on Mermaids.
In there somewhere, I will be doing some more contributions to the Rolemaster Classic project with ICE, but I couldn’t reveal any details about that right now even if I knew them. 🙂

That’s about it, doesn’t sound like much, but it does leave room for some unexpected additional projects, and since another goal for me this year is to get out and excercise more and spend less time in front of the computer, I think it’s a reasonable amount to aim for.

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  • Looking back at this, I’m pretty happy with what was accomplished. Some of the entries for the earlier products still need additional clarification and I still need to improve the cover images.

    Most of the major pages have be moved to be WordPress pages, and I did get rid of the “unconverted” portion of the left hand menu. I also did some tweaking of the style sheets and a major reorganization of the style sheet file which makes it much easier for me to work with. I’m pretty happy with the look of the site right now and don’t foresee doing many adjustments to the look in the coming year.

    I did get my Selkie’s Secret adventure into the Guild Adventurer and published, which was a major accomplishment for me. I was a little disappointed that the maps for the ships were printed much smaller than I anticipated and that only one review was ever posted on that issue. It would have been nice to get more feedback on it. I would like to do some more work with CC3 this year and keep my meager mapping skills in practice. Perhaps I’ll do another ship as part of an article on ships or something like that.

    Still waiting for the publication of HARP Sci Fi. It was published as a Beta and has now gone into the final stages for release. I did send one article on PSI Rats to the Guild Companion which got published and I’ve posted another one here for Arks. I could still do something with the Robots that I created for my campaign.

    I haven’t done anything with the Underwater Articles for HARP, maybe I’ll get back to them this year, maybe not.

    I have succeeded in getting out and getting more exercise, although I still need to increase that more, but that’s coming along fairly well.

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