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March 2007

HARP Sci Fi Beta now Available

ICE is pre-releasing its HARP Sci-Fi rules as a beta release. The final version will be available later in 2007. Those wanting to get it early can get the discounted beta version now, and will receive the full final version for free when it releases.

Quoted from the March 9, 2007 Newsletter:

HARP SF Beta: We have been barraged with contacts asking for the HARP SF Beta over the last few months. So the author, Nick Caldwell, came up with an idea a couple of weeks ago and today we start implementation. The HARP SF Beta manuscript is for sale in the ICE Online store in the HARP category for $15. Everyone who buys it should read the directions on the ICE forum: It tells you exactly what to do to join the HARP SF Beta group and receive updates and changes.

Frequent updates and changes will be posted via the downloads feature of our forums.;dl=0

People who do not buy the Beta can still read the HARP SF forum but they can not post in that forum or download any updates or other files we put up for use by the beta testers like sample adventures and maps. When the final version is done the PDF will list for at least $20, but the beta testers will all get it automatically when it is released.

Buy HARP SF Beta here for $15:

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