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April 2007

Rolemaster Classic

It’s time to add some information to the Product List for Rolemaster Classic. Should also update my “What is Rolemaster” article to include a section on it. The choices are to add the items to the existing RM2 lists or to create a new RMC section. I’m leaning towards creating a new section, but if anyone has an opinion on it, feel free to post a comment.
When I do the update to the “What is Rolemaster” article, I should also log onto Wikipedia and add that section there since a good portion of that article was derived from the “What is Rolemaster” article.

Still looking for a good plugin for WordPress that might be able to handle the Product pages as a database but haven’t found anything I like yet, will probably end up doing it as a seperate php-mysql set of pages. Any suggestions are welcome.

2 comments to Rolemaster Classic

  • New section for RMC has been added, Essence Companion PDF has been added. Haven’t added HARP Lite yet.
    Still need to update “What is Rolemaster” article
    Product database is being worked on, never did find a good plug in.

  • Also should add HARP Lite, the free download from ICE, to the HARP list and the Essence Companion PDF from the Guild Companion.

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