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May 2007

Updates to Database version of the ICE Product List

Added a whole bunch of information to the Database version of the ICE Product list, in fact it is probably more up to date than the regular lists. Started using thumbnails that are 100 wide instead of 80, it will take a long time to update them all so they will be mixed for awhile.
Added entries for the PDF and Hardcover versions of the Rolemaster products, still need to go and add in those entries for the other Product Lines.

3 comments to Updates to Database version of the ICE Product List

  • More tweaks, added a couple missing items, put in all the dates for the PDFs and the Hardcovers that I could find, still need to double check some of the hardcovers. Getting pretty close to moving it out of testing and into live.
    Need to check the cover images for the HARPers Bazaars, seem to be missing

  • All the products should now be in. Next step is verifying and fixing the release dates, mostly for the PDFs but some of the other items as well. Need to clean up some of the product names to get rid of some of the extra notes, particularly for the MERP products. Also need to double check the “Owned” flag, particularly for the Hardcovers and PDFs

  • Added PDF and Hardcover entries for HARP and Spacemaster. Still need to do Cyberspace and Silent Death

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