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June 2007

Stranded In Space – Chapter 3

Stranded in Space is the On-Line game I am running in the forums at the Resource Masters site as a Playtest for the HARP Sci Fi game, now available as a beta release. If you want a bit of a sneek peek at what can be done with HARP Sci Fi, drop by and take a peek.

Here’s a summary of the third part of the adventure, the summary for the fourth part is coming soon.

Everyone trundles down the hallway, which is about 2.5 meters wide, and 3 meters tall. (about 8 feet wide, 10 feet tall). It is quite well lit, with white glowing panels in the ceiling, although occasionally there is one that is burnt out or dim. The floor is quite dusty, and clearly shows the footprints of Zaras, the Medic and the robot.

The doctor presses the “close door” button as he moves through the door, just behind the baron, grinning as the group jumps and turns at the sudden sound.

“A bit jumpy boys?, I’ve got something for that…” he says, slapping his medpac.

Gustav looks behind him, for the way he would need to run to if everything went pear-shaped only to see the airlock doors shutting.. He gives a slight grimace..and draws his pistol ready. He peeks forward past the bulk of Dutch…

The corridor is wide enough for the group to travel side by side, Dutch is in the lead, followed by Reegus and Gustav, then Phill and Prescott and finally Toulann and Dr. Gribble taking up the rear and providing support to the others either medically, violently or sarcastically.

After about 300 meters, the corridor opens up into a wider area.

“Well Phill, I think it’s time to earn our whoring money,” Dutch said. “You and me up front Phil…that’s unless anyone else wants to get shot at first?” Dutch turned to Toulaan and said, ‘Keep your mind out for the other two. We don’t want to blast them…particulary the medic.” Regus, I think you should stay with the Doc, after all you are the pilot.” says Dutch as he gave a small wink at the Doc. Dutch turned towards the open area and pulled out his rifle and released the safety switch. Anyone taking notice would see the motto scratched in the back of his helmet saying “Live Fast, Die Young”.

“Sounds like a fair plan to me,” Reegus replies while fumbling with his small pistol.

“Aye, Aye.

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