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June 2007

Stranded in Space – Chapter 4

Stranded in Space is the On-Line game I am running in the forums at the Resource Masters site as a Playtest for the HARP Sci Fi game, now available as a beta release. If you want a bit of a sneek peek at what can be done with HARP Sci Fi, drop by and take a peek.

Here’s a summary of the fourth part of the adventure, Part 5 is just starting on the forums.

Toulan is on the far side of the tree Zaras is unconscious inside the undamaged train car.

Prescott is in front of the undamaged train car, slightly past the damaged car, up on the roots of the tree talking with Toulan.

Gustav was a couple meters behind the undamaged train car, peering down the tunnel towards the lights, which are coming from the direction you originally came from. Reegus was beside Gustav, also checking out the lights. Dutch joined Reegus and has moved to the right hand side of the tunnel (when facing towards the light) to get some cover along the walls. Dr Gribble and Phill have left the undamaged train car and they have moved to the left side of the tunnel. Gustav, after shaking paws with Reegus, has backed up and is crouched down partially under the undamaged train car.

Looking down the tunnel, Gustav realizes that even though there are half a dozen lights, they look like they are likely being moved around by two individuals. (Still about 100 meters away) Peering side to side down the tunnel, he quickly spots eight creatures that have been sneaking down the sided of the tunnel, four on each side. He states this quickly into the comm, Dutch then immediately locates them as well, Gribble and Reegus can see the ones on the sides opposite from where they are (better angle). Phill goes

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