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November 2007

Recent Changes

The change over to the new server seems to be going well, worked out the glitches with the original transfer of the files and the database, still seems to be about a 50/50 crap shoot as to which version of the pages come up whenever I open a browser, but hopefully everything will be pointing to these new pages soon.

I changed part of the header text so that the basic information is in a three column format rather than being in three rows.  I think that makes it stand out a little better from the regular posts. The only problem I can foresee with it would be on low resolution monitors, but it seemed to be fairly readable to me with the testing I did.

I also changed the menus in the sidebar to sort by a page order that I can assign rather than having them come up alphabetically. This was particularly helpful in being able to have the ICE Products side menu come up in the order I like. I’ll probably keep juggling some of the other menu items around until I have everything where I want it.

I’ve started moving the RMSS vs RMFRP article pages into proper WordPress pages. Unfortunately the source code for my original pages had a lot of hard line breaks which html and regular php pages ignored quite nicely but WordPress is abit fussier so I’m having to make sure I have those straightened out before I copy them in. I also need to update all the links for the images and to other pages, so if you notice a missing picture or there is a link that doesn’t work, please let me know.
Three pages down, eighteen to go!

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