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September 2008

To Do List

It’s been awhile since I posted a ToDo List, so here we go:

Now that HARP Sci Fi is finalized, at least as far as the rules go, I’d like to redo the Characters and NPC’s from my playtest group and post them using the most recent Open Office Character Sheet. I think I’ll do each character up to 5th level and post the sheet for each level.

The other continuing project is to do up a set of stats for using the Selkies Secret adventure in Rolemaster Express / Rolemaster Classic. I’ve done up Selkies as a Race for RMX/RMC and done up the Aquatic Culture for RMX/RMC as well. I’ve submitted those to the Guild Companion and they should be showing in the October issue. Then need to create the NPC’s and Creatures for the adventure as well as look for any references to skills and other things that might need updating.

Once the RM2/RMX/RMC conversion is done, doing a RMSS/RMFRP should be relatively straight forward.

I’m not sure at this point what will happen with that when I am done. Either a Guild Companion article or maybe a Guild Adventurer appendix or something. I’d also like to have the maps of the ships presented in a larger format as well.

I also am doing preliminary work on a Battlestar Galactica adventure, I’ll probably stat it for HARP Sci Fi, but possibly for the BSG RPG as well. I did do an initial posting on RPG Forums to see if there was any interest in running it on-line and the results were disappointing, but I’m planning on continuing with it anyway. Because it’s a licensed property I don’t know if I’ll be able to publish it as an article anywhere, but I’ll look into that when I actually have something completed.

Another project is to revisit the article “Converting Professions from RMSS/RMFRP to Rolemaster Classic” that I did for ICE. Now that Rolemaster Companion I has been rereleased it would be a good opportunity to update that article, and perhaps include a master conversion list. If I do it as a Guild Companion follow up article then I can probably include references to some of the material that was off limits as an official ICE product. The original article can be found at:;dl=item58

As for changes with the Website itself, there isn’t likely going to be any noticable changes anytime soon. Most of the work I’m doing on it now is in the background getting set up for future enhancements. Primarily rearranging some of the tables and getting additional information moved from static pages into the database. Probably a couple years worth of work at my current rate.

One thing I will be doing is finishing a sweep of the existing pages and fixing any dead links and getting some of the remaining articles reformatted properly.

On a totally non game related front, I’m also working on converting alot of my old cassettes and albums to MP3’s so I can listen to them on my IPod. Somewhat labour intensive, but I’ve got alot of obscure stuff that’s never been released on CD or Itunes.

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