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December 2008

Bughunters and other games on rpgRMforums

My latest attempt at an on-line adventure at rpgRMforums is an adaption of the old Bughunters game from TSR. This was originally done up for their Amazing Engine game system, but I’ll be running it under HARP Sci Fi.

The final release of HARP Sci Fi still isn’t available, waiting on artwork I believe, but a Gamma version is available in pdf with place holder art and a GenCon hard copy release is also available, which contains some errors and other small problems.
I’m hoping the final release will be ready early in 2009, which is when I plan to start the actual adventure.

The setting initially is pretty straight forward. The Player Characters are in the Military, and are actually clones of other people, but have been enhanced to be stronger and quicker than normal humans. They get sent on missions, usually to remote colonies to investigate strange occurances, seek out new life and kill it before it kills them.

There are still some openings if anyone is interested in playing. Just pop by the recruitment thread found at:

Some additional information about the game and character generation can be found at:

My Star Wars (WEG D6) game is moving along quite nicely again, although it seems that I’m down to three players now. Our Jedi seems to be MIA, so I’d be willing to pick up a player or two in that one as well. It takes place in the time before “A New Hope” a little before the official formation of the Rebel Alliance. Currently the Player Characters are on Mon Calamari, trying to escape Coral City which is being bombarded by the Empire.
Information on this campaign can be found at:

I’m also playing in a “Marth Ice World” Campaign, first time I’ve ever played a Yeti. It’s been quite enjoyable so far.
It’s at:

The other game I’m involved in is a combat game, FASA’s old “Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator”. I’m playing the Klingon, taking on three Federation ships.
I was quite excited about this one but things have been moving so slow that my enthusiasm has somewhat waned. Hopefully it will pick up in the New Year as well.
The trash talking was pretty entertaining, it can be found at:
I figure I can handle running one more game at rpgRMforums, I just need to decide what it will be. There is the possiblity of restarting my “Stranded in Space” which coincidentally is an adaption of another Amazing Engine game, that particular version of Metamorphosis Alpha. However, there are good odds that I’d only get about half the players back.

The other option that some people expressed an interest in was a FASA Star Trek adventure. With the new movie on the horizon, it could be a good one to run.
Suprisingly, at least to me, I didn’t get much interest in doing a Battlestar Galactica campaign, so my work on that has kind of gone to the back burner.
And, there’s always the option of running some sort of standard Fantasy type adventure as well. We’ll see what the New Year brings.

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