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February 2009

New Years Update

Ok, it’s been awhile since New Years, but here is my annual posting on my plans for this year for the site and gaming in general.
I actually don’t have much in the way of plans. I’ll continue to try and keep the Product List updated, which shouldn’t be too hard considering the slow rate of release of ICE products.
I might also take some of the work I’ve done in my Bughunters game and see if I can turn it into a Guild Companion article or two, but that’s about it for now.

I’ve pretty much moved to devoting my attention to my online Play by Post games over at rpgRMforums, as I described in my previous posting.
Still waiting on the final release of HARP Sci Fi , but I’ve started the Bughunters game without it.

I must confess that I’ve become a little disillusioned with ICE at the moment, hopefully it’s a temporary condition, but, in addition to the slow release rate there have been a couple other issues that have damaged my faith in them.

The Star Wars game is continuing along, I need to pick the pace up a little, but the Jedi is back in action and I’ve picked up one additional player, so that’s going well.

I’ve also started a new FASA Star Trek game, set in the time period shortly after the original Television series. Character generation has just wrapped up and I’m hoping to start the actual adventure in the next couple of days. I’ve actually got three seperate adventures planned out, all in the same area. Haven’t decided for sure which I’ll be doing first, but I’m going to start by introducing some of the characters and locations from all three.

Still playing in “Marth ICE World” and still having fun with that.

Started playing in another Playtest game, just getting moving on that, but it’s looking like it will be a fun one as well.

The first attempt at playing FASA’s old “Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator” fell flat, but we’ve started a second one, this time just a one on one scenario and it’s moving along much better.

That’s about it. Of course, I can always change my mind at any point and decide to pick up an unfinished project or start something new.

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