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December 2009

HARP SciFi and HARP SF Xtreme find new home

(Charlottesville, Virginia USA and Cambridge, England: 11th December 2009)

Mjolnir LLC dba Iron Crown Enterprises and Guild Companion Publications Limited are pleased to announce that they have agreed in principle that HARP SciFi and HARP SF Xtreme will be transferred from Mjolnir LLC to Guild Companion Publications Limited, who will bring both products to final pdf and print publication.

Bruce Neidlinger, CEO of Mjolnir, said: “Due to other ongoing projects Mjolnir has been unable to give HARP SciFi and HARP SF Xtreme the care and attention both products deserve to bring them to final publication. This has been as much a source of consternation to us as it has been to the fans who have been patiently waiting for both products. When Nicholas came to us with a proposal to transfer HARP SciFi and HARP SF Xtreme over to GCP Ltd, it was an offer that we could not refuse. Nicholas is the author of both products and will take extremely good care of them. With the transfer, Mjolnir will be better able to focus on its other upcoming projects and ensure that all fans of ICE games have new products to entertain them”.

Nicholas HM Caldwell, Director of Guild Companion Publications Limited, said: “Role-playing games are meant to be played, and the delays to final publication with HARP SciFi and HARP SF Xtreme meant that the fans were unable to play with the full set of rules. I have an elite team already working on the art, the layout and final polishing of both books. We will still be publishing the rules as two separate (but linked) volumes and the intention is to publish both volumes (HARP SciFi and HARP SF Xtreme) simultaneously. Both products will be available in 2010 in both pdf and print format. Look for more news on the Guild Companion and ICE forums.”

Guild Companion Publications Limited will be honouring the free upgrades to final pdf versions to which purchasers of the public beta and gamma pdfs are entitled. The gamma version of HARP SciFi will be withdrawn from sale with immediate effect.

About Guild Companion Publications Limited
Guild Companion Publications Limited is the commercial arm of the Guild Companion magazine ( and publishes Rolemaster, HARP, Spacemaster, and Shadow World products under license from Mjolnir LLC dba Iron Crown Enterprises and Aurigas Aldebaron LLC. Its commercial products are available on, and

Guild Companion Publications Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales under No 7094505. Registered office: 77 Speedwell Close, Cambridge, CB1 9YS.

About Iron Crown Enterprises
Originally founded in 1980, Iron Crown Enterprises produced and sold worldwide a variety of highly-successful original fantasy and science fiction role playing and table-top games. In December 2001 Aurigas Aldebaron, LLC purchased the corporate assets and licensed Mjolnir LLC dba Iron Crown Enterprises to continue the tradition of creating highly sought-after adventure games. ICE’s current game lines includes Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing, Spacemaster Science Fiction RPG, Shadow World, HARP, and the Silent Death table-top miniatures game.

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