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December 2011

New Banner and NavBar

I’ve now set up the new banner at the top of the page. Because of the height of the banner, it looked a little strange with such large blank bars on each side of the banner, so I set it up to be centered but to repeat parts of the banner to the side. Let me know what you think of this and if you think having the blank space would be better. Of course how it looks will depend on the width of your moniter and the resolution you are set to.

I also set up a WebRing NavBar using the new banner. It is quite abit larger than the old one, hopefully it doesn’t cause any problems. If need be, I could shrink it down a little more. Currently it is 75% of the size of the banner itself.

I also added in all the pdf’s that the Guild Companion has added to RPGNow over the last month and a half.
One product in particular may be of interest, and that is HARP SF XTreme, as it is a new release rather than a re-release of an older product. I’ll do up an individual post about it when it becomes available as a POD (Print On Demand) product.

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