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February 2013

Short Update

ICE has been busy with the beta release of the Rolemaster Unified line of products, gathering feedback from playtesters and proof readers.
I have decided not to participate in the beta testing phase, although I did download some of the initial pdf files. I briefly skimmed Character Law and haven’t looked at the other books at all.
I think the reason for my lack of interest is two fold. First, I haven’t played Rolemaster in ages, the only group I’m playing with at the moment is a Pathfinder group and I’m having enough fun with that that I don’t feel the need to seek out another group, or to try and convert that group to Rolemaster.
Second is simply a lack of time, or rather, a decision to allocate the time I do have to things other than Roleplaying Games, article writing and website maintainance.

ICE is also still in the process of rebranding many of the older products and making them available again. I will have to take some time soon and update my product lists to reflect this. I’ve also been debating what the best way to represent “Print on Demand” products would be, I may just continue to list them as Hardcover or Softcover rather than adding any particular tag to them.

I will continue to maintain this site as long as people find it useful, and, as always, if some new sort of web technology comes along that I want to try out, this site is usually the one that gets used as a test for it.


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