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November 2014

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I’ve occasionally thought that I should take this site down because it seems that it may have out lived it’s usefulness, but then I check my stats and see that I’m still getting between 6000 to 8000 unique visitors each month. I’d like to think that they aren’t all spambots. In fact, I can see from some of the other stats that I am still getting some real visitors. So, I think I will track down the few products that ICE has released in the last couple of years and get them added to the lists, then see if I can’t get the site updated and working with the latest version of the F2 theme, or possibly look into what new tools and add ons have come out for WordPress that might be helpful in maintaining the site.
If you are a visitor here, I’ll love for you to leave a comment about what brought to the site and what you found useful, or suggestions for what could be improved. Thanks!

6 comments to Visitors to this site

  • Randy

    Keep it up! Great to see anything on my favorite system. We still play twice a week and have since the late 80s!

  • Thanks Zachary, I have decided to keep it up and going and in fact am starting to look at improvements to it that I think people will find quite interesting.

  • Zachary

    Please keep this site up and going! It’s an immensely useful resource for us RM old-timers!

  • SebastianK

    Hey there, no spambot here. I really like Rolemaster and collect ICE’s old and new material. Occasionally something pops up that I have never seen before and I am glad that I can use this site as a point of reference.

    Thanks for offering this site!!

  • K H Acton

    Getting back into gaming with my family and have discovered the OSR, but my first game and greatest fun was with MERP and RM2. It was nice to discover this site through some random surfing.

  • I did track things down to the “get_sidebar()” not working properly, it almost looks like it’s not picking up some of the styles or something like that which it needs to do the layout properly, or maybe not able to load some information about the widgets.

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