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April 2015

Product Updates

I’ve finally decided to update the product lists again, there have been a few new items since last time I updated, particularly some supporting software.
I got started by fixing up a couple problems with the HARP list and added in the newest versions of Martial Law. More to come over the next few days.

2 comments to Product Updates

  • Thanks for the feedback. You’ll be happy to know that I’m not going to take it down, although I have been sidetracked from my project for updating it, so I’m a little behind. Just missing a couple of the new products that ICE put out the last year or so. I have been kind of rethinking how I am handling the background database with the way the newer products are being released, which is also why I’ve been somewhat slow in doing updates. Right now the site using a lot of custom coding to get the product list working, but I think some of the newer features in WordPress might be able to handle it better, and the custom coding has limited my ability to upgrade parts of the theme and other things.
    Those names do sound familiar 🙂 A scan of the inside cover would be great, thanks!

  • Glen

    I nearly just fell of my chair when I saw you thought last year of taking down the site !! PLEASE DONT !! I have been using this site for years as I build my collection. My MERP collection is now complete (god bless EBAY!). Rolemaster is nearly there also.

    Nobody in my circle can fully appreciate but I think you might, so I would like to share…as I hunted high and low for missing merp modules I finally found the Umbar module which had long eluded me. When I got the package (I am in Australia), a glance at the senders details the name looked somewhat familiar. It was Kurt Fischer, you may recognise the name from the ICE staff listings in the books. We exchanged emails and he was able to provide me with a number of books I needed as he had “a few extra copies lying around” from the early days.

    But best of all – the pride of my collection is an original typeset copy of ‘The Iron WInd’ which Kurt had signed by the original ICE staff. The signatures on the inside cover are Peter Fenlon, Olivia Johnston, S.Coleman Charlton, Richard Britton, Kurt Fischer,Terry Amthor, Bruce Neidlinger and Stephen Moffat. I think you would recognise most if not all these names. I was blown away – the book sits proudly on display. If you like I could send you a scan.

    Please keep the site going – I am sure many like me appreciate the effort !!

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