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March 2016

Database Upgrade Status

The behind the scenes database revamp is almost done, I still need to go back and clean up a few columns that aren’t needed anymore and check some of the linking and constraints between the tables. I also want to look at the select statements I’m using in the php pages, right now I use “Select *” quite frequently, in most cases I don’t need all the columns so it would be more efficient to just specify the ones being used.

I also need to go through and clean up the css files as well, I’ve got a few things being done “in-line” that really should be handled in a style sheet.

An unintended side effect is that the Product_id codes for most of the products ended up changing. That doesn’t affect this site particularly except for a few hard coded links, but any external sites that had hard coded links, including Pinterest, will find those links now going to different pages, or possibly getting a “Page not Found”. My apologies for that, it wasn’t my intention to mess up any external references.

I’ve now got the “Related Products”, “Related Websites” and “Purchase Links” functionality working, all of which can now handle multiple entries.

My next tasks are to finish up some of the data entry forms and start filling in some of the data that’s missing. The Non-English pages are in bad need of some fixing, and I need to go through RPGNow and see which of the new products I haven’t added yet. There are a few oversize images that need to be trimmed down and a few missing images that I need to track down as well.

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