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August 2016

Links to ICE Webring and MERP Webring sites

I’ve gone through all the sites that currently belong to the ICE Webring and to the MERP Webring and have created links here to all of the ones that still have any sort of relevant content.

At the peak of the Webrings I had over 150 sites between the two rings, now I’m down to about 25. Many were lost when GeoCities shut down and many others have slowly disappeared over the years with very few new additions. Many of the remaining 25 sites haven’t been updated in years and I suspect many of them will disappear completely over the next couple of years.

This is the first step in decommissioning those rings. I’ve felt for awhile that the Webring technology doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore, with Google and other search engines being so good these days.

Adding to this the increased amount of advertising on the Webring site itself, with poorer support and navigation, I feel it is time to move on.

This site will remain much as it was, the “How to Join” pages for the Ice Webring and MERP Webring will get converted to a list of links with an option to add additional sites and I will continue to update and clean up the existing content and perhaps even get ambitious enough to add some new content.

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