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September 2016

Change of Theme

I’ve switched the WordPress theme that I’m using from “F2” to “Atahualpa”. “F2” worked well except it wouldn’t handle wide tables properly, instead of compressing the sides and wrapping the text within the cells, it would simply chop off the right hand side of the table.

The “Athahualpa” theme handles the wide tables well, although I’m having trouble getting some smaller tables to center in a some of the posts, and it handles the custom php trickery that I’m doing to get my product pages to display. I do lose the right hand sidebar on those, when I try and add it I just get a text version of the sidebar contents above the entry for the product, but it’s not a big deal to have it missing on those pages.
“Athahualpa” is also highly customizable, I’ve barely scratched the surface with what can be done with it.
This is still all part of my project to get rid of as many of the php, pdf, and other document pages as possible and get them all converted into regular WordPress pages.
The other advantage is that “Athahualpa” doesn’t have a maximum width which “F2” does.

In theory, I think there are ways that I could change the Product pages from being a call with a parameter from a WordPress page to an outside PHP page that tries to pull in the WordPress headers and sidebars to some sort of WordPress Template page that could accept the parameter and pull the information from my product database while staying within WordPress. Most of the solutions I’ve seen so far look like they would be a lot of work to get going, and would likely change all of my page addresses(again). Someday I will attempt it, but I have lots of other things to fix up first.

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