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September 2016

Change of Theme – Part 2

Okay, the challenge of moving the Product pages to be within WordPress in the new theme was too tempting to pass up on, and after a couple of days of experimenting and some help from the “Atahualpa” forums I’ve got it working. I didn’t need to define a new template page or anything. It did however change all of the page addresses, as I suspected it would.
I’ve managed to implement this new method while leaving the old method available so any links that I haven’t updated yet, or from outside pages will still pull up valid Product Pages. Best of both worlds 🙂
One problem I still have to solve is that under the old method I could change the Title Tag, which is what shows up in the tab in browsers. With the new method it stays as the generic “Product_Page << ICEWEBRING" instead of getting changed to the Product Name. I've posted it as a question on the forums, hopefully someone has a solution that doesn't involve manually editing the header.php file in the theme, which seems to be the best solution I could find using Google.

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