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December 2022

More Updates

I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, prompted by the need to add a new category and product for the finally released Rolemaster Unified Core Law.

I’ve moved to a new P.C. since the last time I had to do any work on my data bases, so I needed to set up an ODBC driver for the MySQL database and adjust the settings on the server to allow my current I.P. to connect.

That allowed me to fire up the Access Database I had set up back in 2016 for doing data entry, where I ran into a problem with my connection timing out quickly. It turns out that even with the upgraded web hosting plan I’ve gone with, the timeouts for remote connections are still very short, 30 seconds for wait_timeout and 180 for interactive_timeout. Because I’m still on a shared server, my hosting company won’t change those.
Fortunately, a little Googling and a bit of experimentation led to a solution that is working well.

The key information for getting the data entry form working was on this page:

Today I was able to work with the database for a reasonable amount of time, cleaning up some of the information on the Rolemaster Unified Core Law, such as adding Authors and setting up Related Products.
I did add a few new Related Products categories and updated some other pages with those as well.

I also got MySQL Workbench up and running and generated a nice EER diagram for my database. I’ll have to look into doing similar modifications to my connection in there to solve the timeout problem as well.

I still have a large number of pages that are pulling in my old PHP pages that I’d like to convert to regular WordPress Pages and update some of the information and links that are in them in the process. It was a quick way to convert the site over to WordPress many years ago, but it adds a lot of additional overhead that isn’t needed anymore.

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