Complete list of Roleplaying products published by ICE

ICE has published many different items over the years for games such as Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Cyberspace, MERP (Middle Earth Roleplaying), Silent Death and HARP (High Adventure Roleplaying) I have developed a comprehensive listing of these products including versions translated to languages other than English. The listings are divided into several sections accessable from the index below.

There is also a link to an Excel spreadsheet version of the list at the bottom of the page

For the lists, the checkmarks indicate that I own that particular item, Clicking on the product name will pull up an individual page for that item that contains a larger picture of the cover and additional information about the product including the Author, Stock Number, ISBN number, Publishing Date, Page Count, Cover Text, and sometimes the Table of Contents and links to other useful pages with information on the product.

Please note that these items are not for sale, they are put here as a reference only, if you have a question about one of the items I own, I would be more that happy to try and answer it, but I'm not willing to part with them, nor will I scan them or copy them in any way. If the items are for sale somewhere, there will be a link on the individual page that will take you to the sale site.