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Racial Characteristics

Race St Co Ag Qu SD Re IN Pr Endurance Power Points Psi Dev Points Stamina Will Magic
PsiRats 0 +2 +4 +4 +1 0 0 0 +30 +20 +20 +15 +10 +5

Base Height and Weight

Race Base Height Base Weight Weight Modifier
PsiRat, Male 4’0″ 70 2
PsiRat, Female 4’0″ 70 2

Starting Ages

Race Adulthood Lifespan Increment
PsiRat 17 80 2

DEMEANOR: PsiRats have evolved from Pack Rats, also called Trade Rats or Wood Rats.

They share their ancestors’ fascination with acquiring objects that they find interesting and attractive. They can be shrewd traders but will often have to resist the urge to make a rather poor deal on an item based solely on its appearance. They generally prefer to live in somewhat secluded areas, usually in the vicinity of other PsiRats in villages known as middens. They also like to have as much storage space as possible to keep all of their belongings.

They are quite adept at using tools and many enjoy tinkering with items that they have acquired. They enjoy some travelling in order to improve their personal collections, but like to return home often to enjoy their domestic comforts. Generally in any midden of PsiRats, about one quarter of the population will be out travelling at any given time. PsiRats love to trade amongst themselves and also enjoy playing games of chance. Although some PsiRats have been known to take up thieving as a method of increasing their collections, they will very seldom steal from other PsiRats, particularly in their own midden. PsiRats rely on the other members of their midden to protect their homes and possessions while they are wandering, and a breach of that trust will bring down severe punishment, likely exile from the midden and forfeiture of all possessions.

APPEARANCE: PsiRats are capable of travelling bipedally, but can also move on all fours equally comfortably. They range in color from pale buff, gray to reddish brown, usually with white undersides and feet. Their tails resemble those of squirrels, being quite bushy. They have large protruding ears and are around four feet tall (not including tail) when standing on their hind legs. There is no noticeable difference in size between male and female PsiRats. PsiRats do not normally wear much in the way of clothing, but will often carry a backpack to store things in as well as a belt with several pouches to hold tools, currency and other handy items.

LIFESPAN: PsiRats have an average lifespan of 80 years although a few exceptional individuals have lived as long as 100 years.


PsiRats normally belong to the Frontier Culture if using HARP SF, or the Rural Culture if using HARP. The Shallow Warrens Culture would also be suitable, but the Skill Ranks in Attunement should be moved to Appraisal.

Special Abilities:

Tough Hide (lesser) – This ability grants a +10 to DB from extremely tough hides or heavy coarse fur.

Enhanced Scent — PsiRats have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. They can smell odors up to 30m upwind, 600m downwind, and up to 150m in still air, depending upon the strength of the odor. If they can pick up the scent of a specific target, they can gain a +50 bonus to their tracking attempt.

Psionics — PsiRats have the Latent Psionic (Telepathy) and the Active Psionic (Telepathy Tier 1) talents. Note, they still need to develop the related skills as normal.

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