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December 2023

The Evolution of Arms Law

As part of the clean up of this site, I’ve redone my “The Evolution of Arms Law” as a regular WordPress page and added a couple of updates to it. I still want to expand the new section on the Rolemaster Classic version, and I want to do some additional clarifications around the various First […]

Printing and Edition Reference for MERP Middle-earth Role Playing

Now I’m doing something I thought I did ages ago, uploading all of the files for Guy Fullerton’s awesome “Printing and Edition Reference for MERP Middle-earth Role Playing” reference. He gave me the source files a year ago, I thought I had uploaded them and fixed the link on my site to look at them, […]

RMX / RMC Skill Cost Page updated

Updated the RMX / RMC Skill Cost Page to include professions up to Express Additions 19 and Spell Law II for Rolemaster Express / Rolemaster Classic

Attack and Critical Table Index

Updated the Attack and Critical Table Index with entries from Rolemaster Classic Arms Law and Spell Law Attack and Critical Table Index

RMX/RMC Master Skill Cost List

Created a new page under Articles and Indexes which contains a list of the skill costs for all of the Professions in Rolemaster Express / Rolemaster Classic

MERP Printing & Edition Reference

Guy Fullerton has put together an excellent page which describes the differences between various printings of many of the MERP products produced over the years. Definitely worth checking out for you Middle Earth Roleplaying Game collectors.

November Guild Companion – Aquatic Elves

The November Guild Companion is now available and contains an article by yours truly on Aquatic Elves for HARP. Take a peek, and if you feel ambitious, leave a comment

Site Updates

Updated the Articles and Indexes page. Most of the links had broken when it was moved to be a WordPress page. Those should now be fixed. Also uploaded fresh copies of the Attack Table Index and the Critical Table Index pdf’s as the copies on the server had gotten corrupted at some point. Also fixed […]